Communicable Disease

The Treasure Valley Region is expereicning an increase in syhpilis, chlamydia and other STIs. Please contact the Health Department to determine your risk, learn about STI testing and treatment and ways to protect yourself and your partner. Untreated STIs may have permanent consequences.

Clinic Information

Disease reporting:
"It's not just a good idea, it's the law"

Malheur County Health Department has staff available to answer and investigate reportable communicable diseases.  Call (541) 889-7279 for information.

How to report a disease

To report a disease or animal bite, call Malheur County Health Department at (541) 889-7279. Give the person's name, address, phone number, date of birth, diagnosis and the onset date of symptoms.

West Nile Virus

General Information About Communicable Diseases

Communicable diseases are those conditions that can be spread to others through air, touch, or contact with contaminated body fluids. Some of the most common communicable diseases are:

  • chlamydia,
  • hepatitis A, B and C,
  • giardia,
  • salmonella,
  • pertussis
  • and campylobacter.

Not only is it important to be treated for infection, it is necessary for the health department to track communicable diseases in order to ensure the safety of the community by seeking to prevent disease outbreaks.

Diseases that the health department keeps track of are called "reportable". All physicians, healthcare providers and laboratory personnel are required by law to submit reportable disease information to their local health department. There are currently more than 50 communicable diseases that are reportable in Oregon.

Malheur County Health Department has staff that is responsible for preventing possible disease outbreaks and providing education to the public. When cases of communicable disease are found, a confidential investigation is conducted to determine the source of the infection. Some diseases are spread via talking, coughing, and sneezing while others are spread through contaminated water, food, blood, and/or sexual contact. All communicable diseases must be investigated thoroughly to prevent the spread of disease.

All Oregon healthcare providers are required to report patients with the following conditions to their local health department. Reporting enables appropriate public health follow-up for patients, helps identify outbreaks, and provides a better understanding of Oregon morbidity (illness) patterns. Both lab-confirmed and clinical diagnoses are reportable within the time intervals specified below.

**All personal information is kept confidential when reports are made.